How to plan and hang a gallery wall.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Gallery wall layout
I love arranging art in clusters or galleries. When I'm planning an arrangement I typically spread everything out on the floor, take photos, select a layout, and then transfer the layout to the wall (much like I did with my kitchen plate wall).

Gallery wall layout
I've had a stack of framed art to go above my media shelves and around my tv for a few months and decided to get to it. Since I was going to be arranging the frames around the tv, playing with arrangements on the floor wasn't going to work. In this case I'd usually measure each piece and then draft different alternatives in AutoCAD. Not everyone has (or wants) access to this program so I went with an analog approach this time. You'll need a pen, scissors, painter's tape, and a roll of kraft or butcher paper.

Gallery wall layout Gallery wall layout
Trace each of your frames onto the paper. Cut each out and label which is which and which side of the paper is up. Take your time arranging and taping each piece of paper on the wall until you find the right layout. I started with 6 frames but ended up only using 5.

Gallery wall layout Gallery wall layout Gallery wall layout
Once you have a layout that you like, all you have to do is determine where the nails or picture hangers need to go for each frame. Mark these points directly on the paper, tap in the nail, then pull the paper away. No unnecessary nail holes!

Gallery wall layout
I like how asymmetrical this is, and that I could easily add more pieces if I want. It really completes the look of this wall and actually makes the room look bigger!

This was so easy I'm thinking I might go the paper and tape route next time. What do you think - how do you plan a gallery wall?


  1. Such a good idea and it certainly saves extraneous nail holes in the wall!



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