New items in the shop.

Monday, January 31, 2011

I've got a couple new items in the shop!

First, these MINI Love cork coasters. I had fun styling these shots with Spanish conversation hearts (so cute!). These would be a perfect Valentine's Day gift for the MINI Cooper crazy person in your life!

I've also printed my popular "Hello Mini" design on a new shades colored cards. I'm currently listing these in green, orange, purple, red, blue, and yellow. I love how these came out!

I've also got a new venture in the works: a new Etsy shop featured my retro, mid-century modern designs! I've been thinking about starting this new shop for a long time and I've finally decided to go for it. I have so many sketches and ideas that I've set aside because they do not fit into the "Vitamini" theme, so most of the work is already done for me. I'm slowly starting to refine a few of my sketches and get them ready for screen printing. I'm very excited about this and can't wait to share it with you, so stay tuned!


Get it together.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

One of my perpetual new year's resolutions is to get more organized. I think I’ve started off on a good foot;  so far I’ve already re-organized my walk-in closet and dresser drawers and donated a few bags of clothes and various household items to the Salvation Army. Next up is the big task of organizing of my business bookkeeping: IT’S TAX TIME! So, in an effort summon my inner meticulous accountant, I’ve selected a few vintage items from Etsy that would help anyone keep their life (or business) organized.

How cool is this leather ledger from kelleystreetvintage? It is filled with names and wages dated 1906-1908. What a great font!

I have this very same file box as available from DimeStoreVintage. It's great for keeping bills and receipts orderly and I love its retro style.

Check out this bank from bubblepipe. Feed this little guy your coins and save up for your taxes!

This big wire basket would be perfect for storing shipping supplies or out-going packages. From circlecreekhome.

I think this retro lamp from boquet would help me stay on track while I'm crunching numbers.

How cute is this little red accordion file? I guess no one really uses checks anymore, but it would be perfect for reciepts! From theelmsvintage.

I hope you enjoyed my vintage selections. Here's to getting (and staying) organized in 2011!


2010 Wrap-up!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year! I can't believe the new year has arrived so quickly. I think the best way to ring in the new year is to wrap up some projects from 2010. First up: my annual gingerbread house. I used this gingerbread recipe from Martha Stewart. I've used Martha's gingerbread recipes in years past and this one seemed to be a bit different. The pieces were very light brown and still had some flexibility to them even after they were baked and cooled. This didn't work well with my elaborate plans to built a house on stilts...the gingerbread was too flexible and the pretzel sticks didn't want to stay put. So I scrapped that idea and continued with my house plans (minus the stilts). Here's how it came out:

My mid-century masterpiece! It had a slanted roof and a red licorice-covered chimney. I used jujubes for the lights on the roof line and strips of gum for the siding. There is a walkway made of sugar babies and mini candy bar landscape boulders. Shredded coconut completes the snowy scene. Overall this house was much larger than last years model, but was just as fun to make!

I have also been meaning to share this adorable faux sugar cookie ornament project that I learned about on one of my favorite blogs, Creature Comforts. The moment I saw these I knew I had to make them for myself. 

I used pastel pink, green and blue paints and finished them off with glitter and multi-colored, metallic dragees.  I wrote names on the little ones and used them as gift tags! They came out great and were so much fun to make, so I definitely recommend trying them yourself.

Cheers to a new year of projects!


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