New Home! New Projects!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Guys. I've been so busy over these past few months: running my biz in addition to spending a few days a week doing landscape architecture work and then everything else. Even though this space has been a ghost town, I have been doing lots of diy projects behind the scenes, but for some reason haven't felt compelled to share. I think I got overwhelmed with the internet in general - everything moves so quickly and I got tired of feeling dissatisfied if a project I totally loved didn't take off on pinterest or something? And I realize that sounds really stupid... But either way! A break felt like the right thing to do at the time and I figured I'd come back to sharing more regularly when it felt right again. And guess what?!

I'm just about to move into a new apartment (yeah, in that friggin adorable Victorian above) and I'm SO excited to get in there and do it up, and share the process here, too. I have a few project ideas milling around in my head and have already started drawing up multiple floor plans with potential furniture arrangements. I haven't measured any of the rooms, yet, so my plans are not to scale. We'll see if my pieces fit according to my estimates... Wish me luck!

Check back again, soon! I'll be sharing a bunch of stuff over the next few months. ;)


New Vitamini Prints Coming Soon!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Vintage Yellow Phone by Vitamini

I'm working on a bunch of new products for Vitamini that I'm so excited to share! Have you signed up for my email newsletter? I'll be announcing some new work this week, in addition to a special deal. Hint, hint!


Vintage Inspired Stuff at Target!

Monday, April 25, 2016

I woke up bright and early last Sunday to head to my local Target to check out the Marimekko for Target collection. That's typically not my style at all but I'm a huge Marimekko fan and wanted to see everything in person and get first dibs if I decided to buy anything. My store actually didn't have all of it - only the multi-colored prints and black and white prints in the clothing section (none of the blue print that I saw online). It did have the entire home collection, so I managed to get a couple sets of dish towels and that adorable black and white throw. I was pretty much the only person scoping out the collection so that was nice! The store was totally empty so early on a Sunday so I decided to take a stroll around and rack up steps on my new fitbit (I got the new Alta and love it, btw) and check out the other departments. I spotted these Pyrex bowls and in the kitchen section thought they were too cool not to share! If you're a retro enthusiast odds are you have at least a couple vintage Pyrex pieces in your kitchen. I've managed to score a few at local thrift shops, but the prices on these vintage pieces are definitely going up. Good news: Pyrex released their Vintage Charm collection at Target featuring modern interpretations of their best-selling vintage patterns. My fave is "Rise n Shine" inspired by my favorite aqua and white Butterprint pattern.

Cute, right? They also have a dot print set that's really fun and would look totally at home in my future Eichler kitchen. ;)

Functional + affordable and you won't be too devastated if one breaks! Perfect!
*This isn't a sponsored post at all, just thought you might like these!


What to sew with cute fabric prints

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Patio Party Retro Mid Century Chair Fabric print by Vitamini

"I love this fabric! But what should I make with it...?" I hear that question all the time at craft fairs when I'm selling my fabric prints! My absolute favorite project to make with fun prints is zipper bags! They're so useful and they're a really fun way to use fabric pieces that are leftover from other projects. Or you can make a bunch and have them on hand for gift giving! Just add a gift card or a cute pair of earrings and bam! An adorable and practical handmade gift!

Retro Ranch Mid Century House Fabric print by Vitamini

Once you get the hang of sewing these little pouches, you can customize the size and shape however you want. Mix up the fabric combinations, add quilting, embroidery, or top stitching to make it extra special.

The lovely folks at Skinny laMinx posted this great tutorial (with pdf pattern!) for a zipper pouch with two fabric prints. Too good not to share!

photo from SkinnylaMinx purse tutorial

Speaking of fabric prints - I'm working on some new ones for the shop! I also just released the Dachshund Love print in soft gray, in addition to the classic black and white and coral pink! My available stock of fabrics is constantly changing, so if you have your eye on something or if you're looking for a larger size, just shoot me an email (casey(at)vitaminimodern.com) and I'll let you know what I have ready to ship!


New products for Doxie Lovers

Monday, April 4, 2016

Hey, happy April! I have to catch you up on all the current events around here: If you follow me on social media you probably already know my pup, Baci. She'll be 2 in June and we just finished her second round of obedience training classes. About 7 months ago I noticed she had an occasional limp in her back right leg. It slowly got worse and before long she was limping on both back legs. I had the vet take a look and it was worse than I thought - severe luxating patellas in both legs. Surgery was recommended sooner than later to prevent any additional damage. And they wanted to operate on both legs at once. OMG! Everything moved super quickly and before I knew it her surgery had been scheduled for 3 days away.

So you must be wondering - what does this have to do with new doxie products? In an effort to raise money to help pay the unanticipated large vet bills I set up a donation page and designed a few new doxie-centric products for the shop! Cause, seriously, who doesn't love a wiener dog?!

First up is the Life is Better With a Dog print. It comes in 3 colors: pink, light aqua, and light gray. It would look great in kids rooms or adult spaces alike. I usually don't hang my own work but I couldn't resist framing one of the gray prints for my studio. :)

Next up: the Doxie Love Stamp Set featuring a joyful dachshund and a little heart stamp. Add a little happiness to your paper products by stamping up your own custom patterns.

There are two ways to get your hands on this fun new stuff: you can purchase from the Art or Stamp sections in the shop, or you can check out the Help Baci page and get them as a gift with donation. 100% of the proceeds from these sales and donations will go directly to help pay for Baci's medical expenses. Anything you can give, even $1, will be much appreciated. <3 Thanks so much for reading!

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