DIY Ombre Sequin Ornaments

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

DIY Ombre Sequin Oraments Beaded, sequin-covered ornaments were a popular craft in the 60's and I have distinct memories of admiring them on my grandma's Christmas tree every year as a kid. If it was sparkly, I was all over it and those ornaments were the shiniest things around! I've been meaning to try making my own modern interpretation for years so I finally made the time and came up with these ombre sequined ornaments. I'm so excited with how they turned out! While the materials are really inexpensive and the technique is simple, it takes a while to do. It's not a quick craft by any means! I made mine over a couple evenings, sitting down in front of Netflix (Broadchurch, watch it!) whenever I had the time. This is the sort of craft that will become an heirloom so take your time and don't rush it. It's actually a pretty relaxing activity once you get going and the results are absolutely stunning. No one will believe you made it yourself!

Here's what you'll need:
DIY Ombre Sequin Oraments
  • Sequin pins. These are shorter than regular pins and they come in silver or gold
  • Sequins. You'll need at least three different shades to get an ombre affect
  • Seed beads in the color of your choice. I chose clear with silver lining
  • Tacky glue
  • 2 1/2" Styrofoam balls
  • Ribbon
  • Short length of wire. Any gauge will work
  • A tray or shoebox lid to work on
  • Small containers

DIY Ombre Sequin Oraments

Separate the sequin colors into containers. Pour some of the beads into a shallow container. Cut a length of ribbon about 8" and tie the ends. Make a U shape with the wire, hook the end around the ribbon loop, and add some tacky glue to the ends. Push the wire into the top of a styrofoam ball until ribbon is flush with the top of the ball. Let dry. Draw a line around the center of the ball with a permanent marker, to help guide the ombre design.

DIY Ombre Sequin Oraments DIY Ombre Sequin Oraments

Thread a bead onto a pin, followed by a sequin in your lightest color. Make sure it's right side up - u shape instead of n shape for maximum sparkle! Dip the end of the pin in some tacky glue, and push the pin into the top of the ball right next to the ribbon. Continue adding beads and sequins all the way around the ribbon, slightly overlapping each so the styrofoam doesn't show through.

DIY Ombre Sequin Oraments

Keep going!! When you get about a third of the way down, start transitioning to the middle color sequins, and then to the last color about 2/3 of the way down. I mixed in a few sequins of the next color here and there to make the color transition more gradual.

DIY Ombre Sequin Oraments

  • Instead of trying to thread each tiny bead onto the pin, just slide the pin through the container of beads. You'll pick one or a few up every time.
  • Squirt out some glue onto a scrap of cardboard and dip the pin ends into into that. Make sure to use glue - you don't want the pins falling out when you're finished! 
  • Set up all of your little containers and glue inside a tray or shoebox lid. This will help keep sequins, beads, and pins from going all over the place if it gets bumped, and makes it easier to put aside when you want to take a break.
DIY Ombre Sequin Oraments DIY Ombre Sequin Oraments

These ornaments are so pretty - even better in person! I love the ombre look, but you can try other designs and patterns, too. Stripes, swirls, polka dots. When I bought my supplies I also got a styrofoam cone that would make the prettiest Christmas tree. We'll see if I have enough time to tackle that! I'm not even done with the aqua/teal/blue one yet! :) I hope you'll try making some yourself!

DIY Ombre Sequin Oraments
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Cyber Week Sale

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

2016 Desk Calendars by Vitamini

Just popping in to let you know that my "cyber monday week" sale is still going strong! Use the code Merry15 to get 15% off your entire order through Friday, 12/4! Can't beat that! I have so many new products that have been a big hit on and offline - gift wrap, desk calendars (above), pillows, and holiday cards. Of course all the classics are there, too: fabrics, tote bags, coasters. I only have sales once or twice a year, so if there's something you've had your eye on, now's the time to pounce! :)

*I'm restocking a few items that sold out this past weekend. If you have any specific questions about lead times feel free to email me! casey(at)vitaminihandmade.com*



Thursday, November 26, 2015

Crepe paper ombré

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I'm reflecting a little on all of the things I'm thankful for, and you, the readers of my blog came to mind immediately. 2015 has been quite a year for me, both professionally and personally. While the changes and adjustments haven't always been easy, I think they've prepared me for lots of awesome things to come! Thank you for stopping by to read a post, craft a new diy, or leave a comment, even when the posts have been few and far between. I'm looking forward to sharing lots of new content in the coming months.

Have a great day, eat lots of delicious food, and let your loved ones know how thankful you are to have them in your life.

*I'm also super-thankful for craft supplies. Photo above of some hand dyed crepe paper, via my Instagram


DIY Halloween Flower Vases

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

DIY Halloween Flower Vase | click through for the full tutorial!

Halloween season, how I love thee! I spotted these adorable little frosted vases at Michael's a few weeks ago, and as per my usual style, bought them with no idea what I'd do with them. I thought they'd be perfect for Halloween, though. They look like little apothecary bottles, don't you think? It wasn't until after I started playing around with paper flowers again that I realized they'd make perfect little flower vases, but they'd need a little bit of embellishing. You can use lots of different materials for this project - ribbons, foils, faux flowers, real, or paper ones like I did.

Here's what you'll need:
DIY Halloween Flower Vase | click through for the full tutorial!
  • Mini frosted vases. These came in packages of 2 at Michaels for something super cheap like $3
  • Double-sided scrapbooking tape. This stuff is super strong and comes in all sorts of widths. I used 1/8"
  • Transfer foil (This was the same brand I used but mine came in silver, gold, and copper colors)
  • Ribbon, baker's twine
  • Black paper
  • Silver or white pen
  • Hole punch
  • Flowers. Faux, real, paper, whatever you'd like. I made these black paper flowers myself. Craft stores carry Halloween themed silk flowers or you could use grocery store mums.

DIY Halloween Flower Vase | click through for the full tutorial! DIY Halloween Flower Vase | click through for the full tutorial!

Unroll a bit of the tape and stick it onto the bottom of the vase. Continue all the way around till the ends meet, and trim. Pull up the orange plastic to expose the other sticky side, and stick on the ribbon, match the ends and trim. So easy!
DIY Halloween Flower Vase | click through for the full tutorial! DIY Halloween Flower Vase | click through for the full tutorial! DIY Halloween Flower Vase | click through for the full tutorial! DIY Halloween Flower Vase | click through for the full tutorial!

You could easily just make a bunch of ribbon stripes, but I thought a metallic touch would be nice, so I repeated the steps with this foil transfer in silver. Once you expose the sticky tape again, just apply the silver strips with the shiny side up. Rub the strip down with your finger and then pull up. You're left with a super-crisp silver stripe!

DIY Halloween Flower Vase | click through for the full tutorial!

Cut a strip of black paper, notch one end and hole punch the other end. Write our your party guest's names and tie with ribbon or baker's twine. Add your Halloween flower and that's it!

DIY Halloween Flower Vase | click through for the full tutorial! DIY Halloween Flower Vase | click through for the full tutorial!

These would make adorable place cards at an October dinner or cute little party favors. They're so easy to make and customize. Plus the tape is fully removable so you can switch it up later if you decide. I like these so much I think I'll keep a few around all year. I hope you like them, too!

P.S. Check out my DIY Gallery page to see lots of diys from Halloween's past!


Martha Stewart American Made Awards Finalist!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Vitamini is a Martha Stewart American Made Awards Finalist! Just popping in to share some exciting news - Vitamini is a finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards! Voting just opened up last week and it would mean the world to me if you'd click a vote or two (or 6!) my way. Click here to read a bit about my story and cast your votes!

*Yay! card from the shop.

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