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Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy June, friends! I've been keeping myself busy with lots of new designs, screen prints, and projects and I'm so excited to share them! (Though, some are really still in the works, so they'll have to wait a little.) Here are three new screen print designs in my vitamodern shop based on something that may look familiar: my papercut pieces!

Original papercut.

 Remember my retro teapot and toaster papercut designs? I've finally got them printed on cork coasters! These would make a nice little housewarming gift for those retro loving friends of yours (or just for yourself!). My sister has already asked me for a set of the toaster coasters. I'll have to come up with a favor she can do for me in exchange. :)

Process pic: cards drying after the first color print.
Original design: cardstock on trace paper.

Here's another card design in the shop. I call it Tiki Shapes (it makes me think of bamboo). This design was also created with cut paper pieces. I started cutting out the shapes with scissors, then arranged them until I saw a layout that I liked. I glued them to a piece of trace paper, scanned it into the computer, and separated the shapes to create the two color design. Pretty simple, but I love the result! I have them in a playful bright magenta and day-glow orange colorway, and a more sophisticated light blue and silver. Check out my etsy shop to see more.

*If you'd like to see more of my process pics, follow me on instagram @vitaminimodern.


  1. How could anyone not be smitten by the name toaster coaster?! The note cards are stylish and retro at the same time... I think I've seen salt and pepper shakers in that mod hourglass shape.

    1. Thanks, Ann. I considered using "toastie coasties" but thought it was a little over the top. :)
      The paper cutting exercise was really fun. I was literally sitting on the couch watching tv, cutting paper shapes. Talk about low-pressure design!

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