Vintage maps and Mr. ZIP.

Friday, May 25, 2012

I haven't had much time for thrift shopping lately, but lucky for me, my mom has! She found a vinyl folder (the kind you would keep in your glovebox) full of vintage U.S. road maps. The graphics on these are so cool!

"Roads of the future built with asphalt." Isn't that great? Just look at those pristine roadways and that attractive clover. :)

I love the redwoods and the couple with the cool car.

How about some camping, 60's style?

I know I would have a "pleasanter trip" if I knew where all the clean restrooms were along the way!

Smokin' Conoco ad on the back of one of the maps. The artwork on this one is really nice.

There was also this little booklet of postcards instructing mail users on how to use the new zip code system! After some quick research (thanks, Wikipedia), I discovered that this little cartoon's name is Mr. ZIP and he was the official mascot of the ZIP Code System that was rolled-out in 1963. ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Program if you didn't know (I didn't). You could fill in the cities you need on the postcard, mail it in, and they will send it back to you with the codes filled out for you. Pretty neat!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, everyone! I'm hoping to get a lot of printing done (I'm working on a bunch of new items!) and spend some time with my family, too.


  1. What a great find! I'm obsessed with vintage maps as well, and love to see them framed in large scale frames.

  2. Casey,
    These maps your mom found are absolutely FABULOUS!!
    I loved the way you photographed them for your blog.
    I am map-obsessed, but have never seen any quite like these!
    Great find!

    So nice to meet another artist and Etsian like you through BYW 2.0!
    All the best,

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