Around the garden.

Monday, June 18, 2012

I had a nice sunny weekend at my parent's house celebrating Father's Day! My mom has a big garden and I took a stroll with my camera to take some photos. Here are some of my favorites.


Deep purple buddleia flowers. See the bee?

Fuzzy borage.
Deep red abutilon. Hummingbirds love these.

Another buddleia.

A holiday at my parent's house wouldn't be complete without a photo of the resident Siamese stud, Spinxey.

I bore him.


  1. Your parents' garden is so lovely! I haven't seen too much of purple alyssum, they look so royal!!!

    And now I know that that flowers are called buddleia! Thank you Casey.

    Meow from Coco & Chanel to Spinxey =)

    1. Thanks! Butterflies (and bees) love buddleia flowers. They're sometimes called "butterfly bush". The two that I've shown have practically grown into trees. They're huge!
      I'll send Spinxey your kitties' love. :)



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