Bedroom Makeover: Before

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bedroom Makeover Before

When I moved a few months ago I had big plans for fixing up my new bedroom. But by the time I actually moved everything owned I was totally exhausted and couldn't stand to pick up another box or move another dresser. Things in the bedroom just got parked in their "temporary" locations while I dealt with more important to-do items like getting my workspace in order. Months passed and I was still living with a weird hodgepodge of furniture and decor. I'm all about getting things done in 2015, so I recently got to work fixing up the bedroom. A makeover isn't a makeover without the "before" pictures, so here we go! (Thank you to my puppy Baci for modeling for me. She chose all of her own poses.)

Bedroom Makeover Before
View from the doorway. There was a nail already in the wall where the mirror is hanging. I didn't choose that spot!

The room is a pretty good size (for once!), so finding room for everything won't be an issue. The two main challenges will be working with the aqua carpeting and the pinkish wood trim since those two things won't be changing. The challenge will be to add my retro/modern style to the otherwise traditional room. I'd like a calm, clean space with unique, handmade details.
A few of my big goals for the design of the room:
  • Find a better furniture arrangement that takes better advantage of the space
  • Add some options for storage and replace a couple of the IKEA pieces
  • Incorporate the new color palette into some of the existing furniture (vintage lounge chair and pole lamp)
  • Add some new, functional window treatments  
Bedroom Redesign Color Palette
How I'll accomplish it:
  • First and foremost, paint! I want to add some color and interest to the walls. I've chosen an overall color palette of black, white, and gray for the neutrals with accents of pink and aqua. Some of these color will be paint, others will be in the furnishings and accents.
  • Experiment with new furniture layouts
  • Incorporate more vintage pieces into the space
  • Paint the closet doors or replace with curtains
  • Add a rug to break up the carpeting
  • Hang art
  • Hang the large mirror on the back of the door
  • Re-wire the pole lamp. (When I moved I noticed some of the wires inside didn't look up to code at all. I'll be fixing that up before I plug it in again!)
  • Make/buy new decor items to pull the look together
Bedroom Makeover Before
Wall to the right of the doorway
Bedroom Makeover Before
Wall to the left of the doorway. Closets with raw wood louvered doors.
Bedroom Makeover Before Bedroom Makeover Before

I'll be sharing projects as I go, so make sure to check back to see how things are coming along! In the meantime, check out my Bedroom Inspiration Pinterest board to see a collection of ideas and influences for the design.



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