Vintage Inspired Stuff at Target!

Monday, April 25, 2016

I woke up bright and early last Sunday to head to my local Target to check out the Marimekko for Target collection. That's typically not my style at all but I'm a huge Marimekko fan and wanted to see everything in person and get first dibs if I decided to buy anything. My store actually didn't have all of it - only the multi-colored prints and black and white prints in the clothing section (none of the blue print that I saw online). It did have the entire home collection, so I managed to get a couple sets of dish towels and that adorable black and white throw. I was pretty much the only person scoping out the collection so that was nice! The store was totally empty so early on a Sunday so I decided to take a stroll around and rack up steps on my new fitbit (I got the new Alta and love it, btw) and check out the other departments. I spotted these Pyrex bowls and in the kitchen section thought they were too cool not to share! If you're a retro enthusiast odds are you have at least a couple vintage Pyrex pieces in your kitchen. I've managed to score a few at local thrift shops, but the prices on these vintage pieces are definitely going up. Good news: Pyrex released their Vintage Charm collection at Target featuring modern interpretations of their best-selling vintage patterns. My fave is "Rise n Shine" inspired by my favorite aqua and white Butterprint pattern.

Cute, right? They also have a dot print set that's really fun and would look totally at home in my future Eichler kitchen. ;)

Functional + affordable and you won't be too devastated if one breaks! Perfect!
*This isn't a sponsored post at all, just thought you might like these!


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