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Monday, April 4, 2016

Hey, happy April! I have to catch you up on all the current events around here: If you follow me on social media you probably already know my pup, Baci. She'll be 2 in June and we just finished her second round of obedience training classes. About 7 months ago I noticed she had an occasional limp in her back right leg. It slowly got worse and before long she was limping on both back legs. I had the vet take a look and it was worse than I thought - severe luxating patellas in both legs. Surgery was recommended sooner than later to prevent any additional damage. And they wanted to operate on both legs at once. OMG! Everything moved super quickly and before I knew it her surgery had been scheduled for 3 days away.

So you must be wondering - what does this have to do with new doxie products? In an effort to raise money to help pay the unanticipated large vet bills I set up a donation page and designed a few new doxie-centric products for the shop! Cause, seriously, who doesn't love a wiener dog?!

First up is the Life is Better With a Dog print. It comes in 3 colors: pink, light aqua, and light gray. It would look great in kids rooms or adult spaces alike. I usually don't hang my own work but I couldn't resist framing one of the gray prints for my studio. :)

Next up: the Doxie Love Stamp Set featuring a joyful dachshund and a little heart stamp. Add a little happiness to your paper products by stamping up your own custom patterns.

There are two ways to get your hands on this fun new stuff: you can purchase from the Art or Stamp sections in the shop, or you can check out the Help Baci page and get them as a gift with donation. 100% of the proceeds from these sales and donations will go directly to help pay for Baci's medical expenses. Anything you can give, even $1, will be much appreciated. <3 Thanks so much for reading!


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