Finding Vivian Maier

Saturday, March 5, 2016


Well, hello! I'm back from my unplanned blog hiatus! I don't have any elaborate excuses to provide to explain my absence, other than the fact that life got busy and something had to give, at least for a while. Anyhoo, I'm hoping to get back to a more regular schedule of posting: sharing random things I like, some of my work for Vitamini, and craft projects as I come up with them. Getting back to my bloggy roots, yo.

Speaking of random things I like - I just watched the documentary Finding Vivian Maier last night and loved it! College kid and amateur historian John Maloof buys a box of photographic negatives at an auction and discovers hundreds of beautifully shot photos of urban life in the 50's and 60's. With nothing more than a name and a Chicago suburb address, he dives into research to figure out who this mysterious photographer was. A really intriguing story - I recommend it! Find it on Netflix. Check out more of her work and learn about upcoming exhibitions on the Vivian Maier website.



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