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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Handmade Wood Ornaments by Vitamini

Hey there! The busy season has already started and before I get swept away filling orders and sharing new holiday DIYs, I wanted to stop by to share a few updates, shop and otherwise!

Handmade Wood Ornaments by Vitamini

Remember the retro ornament gift tags I shared last week? I shared them on Facebook and my good friend Ann suggested I make some actual ornaments out of my ornament designs. As per usual, I immediately got swept up into idea and spent the next two (or three or four) evenings working out a design and refining the technique (and sanding, sealing, printing, leafing, drilling, and sealing some more)! And now here they are! Mixed media (screen print on wood with gold leaf) ornaments. They're available in sets of three in my shop and on Etsy. I hope you like them!

Original Fabric Prints by VitaminiKebab Fabric Print by Vitamini

I have some new fabrics in the shop, too. Kebab and Flower Grid. All of the colors coordinate with my other fabric prints. I'm looking forward to sewing something up with these guys.

Kebab Fabric Print by Vitamini

In non-shop news, my Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship class has been going so well! There's only one class meeting left! I can't believe how fast the past 5 weeks have gone. I've been having a great time meeting local artisans and helping them get their shops up and running.

Baci & Me :)

My pup Baci is growing super fast. She's almost 6 months old. In the past few weeks she's been teething like crazy and losing the last of her baby teeth. I feel like our housebreaking training may be coming to a close (thank goodness).

In addition to the usual shop updates and blog diys I'm just about to jump into a bedroom makeover project! I'm currently working out the design details, but I can't wait to roll up my sleeves and get started. Keep an eye out for those posts on the blog, coming soon!


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