DIY Paper Napkin Pumpkins

Friday, October 17, 2014

Paper Napkin Decoupaged Pumpkins
Decorative paper napkins are one of those seasonal things that I can't resist. They're festive and inexpensive and good to have on hand for impromptu parties. They often come in really great patterns! I bought a few great Halloween napkins this year and thought they'd be so cute decoupaged onto pumpkins. After a little bit of experimenting, I found a good method and had some seriously cute pumpkins on my hands! I used real mini pumpkins but the technique would work just as well on faux pumpkins and you could bring them out every year! 

Here's what you'll need:

Paper Napkin Decoupaged Pumpkins
  • Decorative Halloween paper napkins
  • Mini pumpkins
  • Matte Modpodge
  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • White craft paint - depending on your napkin colors
Paper Napkin Decoupaged Pumpkins

Start by separating the napkin layers so the patterned top sheet is separate from the blank white layers underneath. I tried this technique out in a couple different ways: vertical strips of napkin, horizontal strips, and then a more random mix of shapes. The random shapes worked out the best and looked best with the pattern. Another tip: if the background color of your napkin is orange, great! No need to paint your pumpkin. If it's a light colored napkin (like the spider print), it's best to paint the pumpkin white first.

Paper Napkin Decoupaged Pumpkins

Ok, back to the napkin! Cut shapes of the pattern and add a few small cuts around the edges. This will help the napkin conform to the curved surface of the pumpkin and will minimize wrinkles.

Paper Napkin Decoupaged Pumpkins Paper Napkin Decoupaged Pumpkins

Brush a light layer of modpodge onto a small area of the pumpkin and stick the napkin on. Brush over the napkin with more modpodge. Continue covering the surface of the pumpkin with pieces of the napkin, fitting the shapes together and patching small areas with solid colored pieces. Let dry. Enjoy!

Paper Napkin Decoupaged Pumpkins Paper Napkin Decoupaged Pumpkins



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