New Vintage Style Vornado Fan

Thursday, October 9, 2014

via Amazon

Retro enthusiasts will be happy to hear this: Vornado has reissued a reproduction of their iconic fan, the Vornado VFAN Vintage Circulator. Happy dance!


If you're a regular reader of the blog you may remember this table fan makeover project I did a while back, inspired by the original Vornado. I'm still a big fan (ha!) of that project, but boy, it would be so nice to have one of these.

via Amazon
I love the Mid Century styling of this air circulation diagram! I read it was available in red, green, and a beautiful chrome finish, but I only see the red and green listed on Amazon. At $130, it's not inexpensive, but I imagine this fan would last a lifetime. Considering the originals and previous repros are still out in the world (and highly sought after) it would probably be a good investment piece. And it just looks so dang cool! Maybe I'll ask Santa for one of these come Christmastime...


  1. This may just be the cutest fan I've ever seen!

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