My Whiteboard Calendar.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

DIY Whiteboard Calendar

I had whiteboard calendars on the brain a couple weeks ago, so I made my own! Here's what I used:

White board, this is a 22" x 34" that I got at Michael's for about $22. It's magnetic, too!
Washi and paper tapes in various colors and widths
Dry Erase pens
3M Picture Hanger strips (the velcro-like kind)
DIY Whiteboard Calendar

I live and work out of my small apartment so I've learned to get creative with my storage solutions. I have a hall closet where I keep all of my shipping supplies and extra inventory and the inside of this closet door is the perfect spot for this calendar. That way I can open up the door and add all my to-do items, and then just close the door when I'm done!

DIY Whiteboard Calendar
First, I wanted to enhance the frame part of the board. There are lot's of different ways to do this. I thought about spray paint or acrylic paints, but I settled on adding a simple strip of gold paper tape down the middle of each side of the frame. I just eye-balled the spacing.

For the calendar portion, I measured out the width of the board in a vertical orientation (the way that will fit on my closet door), added in about 1" for the side margins, then divided that remaining space by 7 for the vertical columns for each day of the week. Then I taped out 4 horizontal rows for each week of the month. My day rectangles ended up being about 2.25" wide x 2.75" tall.
DIY Whiteboard Calendar

I added an extra strip of tape across the top so I could label the days. I left some extra space at the very top for the Month. Then I filled in the days of the week, and added some tape strips underneath the calendar for a To Do list and To Order list for supplies for my handmade business.

DIY Whiteboard Calendar DIY Whiteboard Calendar
I didn't want to make any holes in the door, so I used my favorite 3M picture strips! So easy and totally removable. I use them to hang lots of things, including my plate collection at my last two apartments.

DIY Whiteboard Calendar
I'm hoping my new calendar will help me organized, especially with the busy holiday season coming up so quickly!


  1. I love how simple this is and what a big impact it makes. I am totally doing this!

  2. When you erase it, does dry erase dust gather at the edges of the washi tape, and if so does the dust come off?

    1. Hi there! I use a t-shirt rag to erase and everything pretty much sticks to it. But I don't erase all the way across the board - just within the individual grid boxes. That helps to keep the tape looking brand new. A darker shade of tape would hide marker dust if you're worried about that.

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