Moving day!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Today's the day! The day all of my worldly possessions get packed into a truck and driven down the highway to our new home. I've been really busy packing and getting everything ready, but the movers will be here in about 4 hours, so it's crunch time.

I typed the above paragraph last Friday at 7:30 AM right before the moving company called me to say the movers and the truck were arriving 3 hours early!! Needless to say, it was a mad dash there for a minute and a long weekend of hauling things in my pack mule (poor MINI) and vigorous cleaning. I'm totally out of the old place and now living among boxes, but I'm relieved the hard work is behind me. I still don't have my internet hooked up yet, so I'm typing from the Los Gatos Public Library. I've been to many libraries but I think this is the fanciest one yet! I'm hearing a guy foaming lattes downstairs!

Anyway, I still have lots of unpacking to do back at the new place. Here's a little glimpse of the part of it that I just couldn't resist: the kitchen!

It has these awesome teal counter tops and light yellow appliances that look practically brand new. It also has a big window above the flush-mounted sink. I'm already planning on screen printing my retro house design and sewing some cafe curtains. I think my stuff looks good here.

Now all I have left to figure out is the rest of the place! :)


  1. Lovely kitchen. Looks vintage!

    1. Thanks, Wenna! It is vintage and it's in great shape considering its age. :)

  2. The kitchen looks like it was made for you - how perfect. I had a stove with push buttons just like those... brings back memories! Better three hours early than late I suppose, but still... you must have been madly sprinting around!



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