Thrift finds.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I worked really hard getting a big order out this weekend, so after I dropped it off at the post office I figured I'd treat myself with a trip to the thrift store. I hadn't been since early December so I was really jonesin'! Check out my retro finds:

I first spotted the creamer with the swoopy handle. It has gray leaves on one side, yellow on the other. It was sitting all by itself, but knowing how things go in these places I thought I just might find a matching piece...down the aisle a few yards, there it was! The matching sugar bowl. It has yellow leaves on the lid and gray leaves on the base.

I was just about to ask if anyone knew the maker (since there are no markings), when I found a photo of a similar set on Flickr! Love it when that happens! It is Knowles Kalla Craft in the Southwind pattern. I can't find any other matching pieces online other than a single plate. It must be a rare pattern.

After I snagged the creamer and sugar bowl, I saw an employee unloading a cart of new items. I freaked a little inside when I saw this on the bottom rack of the cart:

This cute light pink ceramic vase with gold sponge paint. I love the delicate handle. No markings. Here's a detail of the gold.

I'm a serious sucker for gold speckle/spatter/sponge paint on vintage items. If it's got gold, I'm sold! Speaking of which, this isn't a thrift find that I scored personally, but one my mom found and gave me for Christmas:

It's a ceramic box with a horse and carriage scene. Notice the sophisticated lady with the parasol.

This pattern is painted on the box lid, with the gold sponge painting around the rim. There are no markings other than a tiny piece of a red label left on the bottom. The maker of this one will remain a mystery.

I enjoy researching items that I find in thrift stores to give me a better idea of their history. It's also fun to see if something you snagged for a couple of bucks is worth many times more! I personally have trouble parting with items I fall in love with, so my finds always get added to my personal collection.

Have you had any particularly successful trips to the thrift store lately? Tell me about them!


  1. Someday I may have a lamp for you! It belongs to my parents and the base seriously looks so much like the pitchers. I'm pretty sure it dates to the early 60s.

  2. Too funny, Ann: there is no way you could have known about my retro lamp addiction! I was so close to photographing a couple of them yesterday...



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