From my sketchbook.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Growing up, I was never really that interested in drawing. Sure, I enjoyed painting, had a streak when I was about 8 when I obsessively created watercolor sunsets, and I liked coloring. But drawing? Eh, not my favorite. It wasn't until my sophomore year at UC Davis in my first landscape architecture courses that I was REQUIRED to keep a sketchbook. Our lecturer would take us out on campus and we would sketch various things, mostly trees, shrubs, and outdoor spaces. At the time I felt like I had no idea what I was doing (because I didn't) and I felt a lot of pressure to have a "good" sketch when it came to sharing with the rest of the class. Over ten years and tons of drawings later the most important thing I've learned about sketching is not to care so much! Really, the loose quality of a sketch is really what gives it its charm.

While I may not be sketching trees and shrubs as much (unless I'm at my day job), I keep sketchbooks to record new screen print design ideas, work out product specs, or just take notes about things. I have a small Moleskine with me at all times and have larger sketchbook that I use at home. I'm always interested to see artists' working sketches to get an idea of their creative process so I've decided to start a regular post here sharing some views of my sketchbook. They may be from this morning, from years ago during my Italian travels, or my early days in college. Here are a couple recent ones.

Do these look familiar? They're the working sketches for this years' holiday cards in my Etsy shops!


  1. So nice to see the way your products evolve from sketches and I look forward to seeing more in the future. I'm with you... would have been intimidated to share my sketches with classmates too! (random observation: sketches starts to look like a very odd word when you type it enough times. :))



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