Thrift Store Score

Monday, September 13, 2010

Last week I decided to stop by the Salvation Army on the way home from work.  I try not to expect or hope to find anything in particular because a lot of the time I come home with nothing, but it's the thrill of the hunt that makes it fun!  Anyway, after a particularly difficult time trying to find a parking space in the 400 square foot parking lot and encouragement from one of the donation collectors to squeeze my mini into a rather unorthodox spot, I walked in thinking I'd BETTER find something good.  Well, sure enough, the first thing I laid my eyes on was this little beauty:

Well, it didn't exactly look like this.  It had a bit of 20 year old masking tape on it and had a good layer of dust, but as soon as I saw it I recognized it as the almost exact replica of my mom's machine - the one I learned how to sew on.  There were a couple of recent scuffs in the paint, but other than that, seems practically brand new. It works great, just needed some oil and a good cleaning.  I recently started making these little bags with my own screen-printed fabric.

I've been using my mom's machine for all of my sewing so it's going to be really nice to have one of my own, and I already know exactly how it works! Here are a couple more shots of my workspace in the kitchen.

Here's my little set-up, or, as they say on Cribs, "this is where the magic happens!" I do all of my screen-printing on the the buffet table.  All of my inks, supplies, and papers are stored below and I do my layout work on the table.  See that big blank wall?  Stay tuned, that will be my next project post! I'll be hanging up my little plate collection.



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