Plate of Mystery

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Over the past few years, I have been amassing a small collection of decorative plates. I always had the intention of hanging them on my big, blank, white kitchen wall, but didn't have a real focal piece to go with the rest of the bunch. Enter this bad boy:

It's a hand-painted wooden plate that my grandmother brought back from Sweden for my great aunt a long time ago.  She had it hanging on her brick fireplace for as long as I could remember.  It's about 16 inches in diameter and is going to look great in my kitchen.  So, I brought it home and, for the first time ever, I started wondering what the phrase meant. Here's a close-up.
I was REALLY hoping it wasn't some dated phrase about holy matrimony or "the woman must do the dishes at the end of every meal" sort of thing.  So, nervously, I turned to the internet. I typed in a few words, but didn't really find anything helpful.  The painted letters are pretty hard to figure out, too.  I looked around for a little bit and almost gave up. Then I figured out the first big letter is a K and that really helped. Turns out, it's a line from an old Swedish song and means "Coffee the best of all earthly potions is." Wha?! It's saying coffee is awesome?! Cool! I don't know why these people are frolicking around in a circle, but ok.

I guess coffee makes me want to dance sometimes. Why is this girl the only one facing forward? I guess I'll never know. This weekend I will be attempting to hang this plate and 11 others on my wall. And I will document the process for your entertainment. On an entirely unrelated subject, I got these sweet shoes last weekend.

Yay for Pumas!


  1. Love that plate, and I think your right the coffee back them was pretty strong. They are probably on a coffee high like kids on sugar :-). love the shoes.

  2. Nice job, Cousin. I forgot all about that plate!



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