Quiet corners.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

quiet corners

I was taking a few product shots over the weekend. My bedroom tends to be the best place to do this lately, since it gets the most light. After I had taken all the shots I needed, I looked up and saw this little scene on my dresser and it made me happy so I took a few shots just as it was. I'm definitely not a minimalist when it comes to my home decor, and I LOVE my "things." Little objects capture memories and I just enjoy looking at them. The pink lamp is one of a pair that I bought for my first little Victorian apartment in San Jose. The piggy bank was a celebratory purchase after I was hired for my current job (5 years ago). The seashell picture frame I made for a craft class I taught to kids at the 4-H summer camp in 2005. It has a I took at Cinque Terre inside. The mini paintings were part of my grandmother's art collection. I made the black plaster mushrooms just for fun.

quiet corners



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