Easy gold leaf manicure.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Easy gold leaf nails

I bought this pretty aqua nail polish a couple months ago and have painted my nails with it probably about 5 times since. It's such a fun summery color! I was thinking of a way to spice up my latest manicure and remembered the little pieces of gold leaf I saved from my DIY Confetti Bowl project. Seriously, I'm incapable of throwing craft supplies away, no matter how small. I'm glad now for my craft hoarding, because my nails look extra snazzy!

Easy gold leaf nails

Here's what you need to do it yourself:

Nail polish in a light, flat color, I used Essie Mint Candy Apple
Gold leaf adhesive pen
Gold leaf scraps (you only need a few little pieces)
Large, soft brush
Clear nail polish topcoat, I used INM Out The Door

Paint your nails with the color polish. Apply a few coats to get even coverage.

Easy gold leaf nails
When the polish is dry, dot the adhesive pen on your nail in a random, spotty pattern, on all of your nails or just a couple. Let the adhesive dry.
Easy gold leaf nails

Lay the gold leaf scraps over the adhesive on the nail. Pat it down with your fingertip so it sticks.

 Easy gold leaf nails

Carefully remove the excess leaf with the brush, brushing it along the edges. Keep at it with the brush - it may take a little while to pick up all of the loose pieces.

Easy gold leaf nails

Add an even layer of clear topcoat over your gold nails.

Easy gold leaf nails

This is a great way to rejuvenate a manicure that's a few days old. My nail polish was 4 days old when I added the gold leaf. Now it's a week old and I'm still getting compliments on my nails! It's holding up really well and the gold actually looks a little different every day, as it wears slightly around the edges. It's really pretty! And all it cost me was a little time.

Easy gold leaf nails Happy leafing!



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