Friday, May 31, 2013

handmade pompoms
Oh my, it's the end of May already? Summer is upon us?! How did this happen?  I feel like time is whirling right on by and leaving me in the dust lately. I'm looking forward to a point where I have a little more of that precious time to formulate my thoughts, come up with action plans, and really and go after those goals that I've been contemplating for what feels like forever. But for now, I'll keep jogging along in the dust cloud, keeping up as best as I can. Slow and steady wins the race...right?

Shop updates: I'm working on some new MINI stamp designs that I'm VERY excited about. I've also got a couple new fabric designs in the works. I sketched one out before my trip to London and surprised myself the other day when I found it in my sketchbook. I had totally forgotten about it! Love it when that happens. I'm also hoping to get more sewn fabric goods listed if my dear old Elna decides to cooperate. (Seriously, the bobbin tension on that thing is all over the place sometimes.)

*The pompoms in the photo above I must have made 3-4 months ago. They're still sitting in my mental TBD project zone. Good news is I think I've finally decided on the perfect use for them! In the meantime, they're super cute piled up in my vintage pink teacups.*


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