Long lost London Tube art.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

London Tube

I'm fresh off the plane from my trip to London! I had SUCH a wonderful time with my dear friend (hadn't seen her in about 7 years) seeing the sights and taking in the local culture. I'm home now with a bit of a new perspective, as international travel usually gives me, with lots of creative ideas and some new inspiration. International travel also gives me jet lag, so I'm dropping by today with a quick link to an interesting read.

London Tube
I became pretty familiar with the London Tube system during my visit. I even took a couple ambitious trips all by my lonesome, one to Notting Hill. This morning I was excited when I stumbled across this article about the a secret poster "museum" in the Notting Hill Tube Station. Seriously, I was just there 2 days ago!

Disused passageway with vintage 1959 posters, Notting Hill Gate tube station, London, 2010
Anyway, the interesting thing is, when modern escalators were installed in the stations, many old passages were blocked off. This one at Notting Hill has a great collection of vintage posters that have sat in the dark for over 50 years.

Vintage 1950s advertising posters in disused passageways at Notting Hill Gate tube station, London - photographed in 2010 Royal Blue coach services poster by Daphne Padden, c1959 c1959 vintage Pepsodent Toothpaste poster found in Notting Hill Gate tube station, 2010 Chain Garage, Hanger Lane, London - car hire poster, c1959

I love the graphics on these! Unfortunately for us (but probably fortunately for the delicate posters) the passage was resealed, but you can see all of the photos on Mikey Ashworth's flickr account, and read more about the story on this Messy Nessy Chic article.

*All poster photos by Mikey Ashworth, via his Flickr account. Tube photos by me. :)


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