London: Liberty

Monday, April 8, 2013

I can't believe time the is just flying by: I leave for London in 13 days! I have a few things planned so far, but one stop on my must-see list is LIBERTY!

Liberty of London
Liberty is an iconic London company and holds an important place in the history of fashion fabric design. My guidebook says that the first Liberty show was opened in 1875 selling oriental silks. Soon after, they began selling fabric prints (all made in England) that have become quite iconic. Check out this video showing their printing process.

I've saving my pennies for some Liberty fabric to call my own. I plan on buying a couple pieces to add to my fabric hoard that I may or may not ever make something out of. Does anyone else do that? Buy beautiful pieces of fabric to just look at, and enjoy? I think the more important question is: How the heck will I choose? I already want all the prints!

Liberty of London Liberty of London Liberty of London Liberty of London
Funny enough, the day after I bought my plane ticket I saw an announcement on Twitter that this book, "Liberty Love" was coming out. The projects look modern and fun, and the book has a MINI on the cover! Come on!

Liberty Love
You can find other Liberty themed books on Amazon. "The Liberty Book of Home Sewing" sounds like another good one.  

The Liberty Book of Home Sewing

Do you have any Liberty fabric? Do you have the courage to cut into it and make something?

*Fabric print images from the Liberty website.


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