Evolution of a design.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hand screen printed retro holiday cards
Things have been a little quiet around here lately as I've been busy readying my shops for the holiday season. Can you believe we're already one week into November? I've created a new holiday card design for each of my Etsy shops, and I wanted to share the design evolution with you - from pencil sketch, to papercut, to screen printed design. My first sketch of this design is dated from last November! Sometimes you just need to sit with an idea for a while before you can really work it out and get it right. :) Here are some views into my sketchbook.

Evolution of a design After I had my papercut, I scanned, resized, and exposed a silkscreen with the design. I printed it in a two-color process (deep red and forest green) onto cardstock. Here are my finished pieces.

Hand screen printed retro holiday cards Hand screen printed retro holiday cards
Printed on French Paper Speckletone in Kraft and Natural white. Both are available in my Vitamodern Etsy shop.

I really like their retro, earthy vibe. I'm also getting really into working out my designs with papercuts. At first I was intimidated by the complex needles of the pine, but I couldn't resist trying to cut it out of paper. I'm glad I decided to go for it.


  1. looks really nice! thanks for sharing your process! always curious to see how people screen print without the use of illustrator.

    1. Thanks! I typically work out my designs in photoshop or illustrator, but this one seemed to lend itself to a papercut. I did add the red ornament shapes in illustrator, though that step was really simple. Someday I'll go really low-tech and just lay my papercut directly on the screen and expose it that way!

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