Little souvenirs.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On our way home from Tahoe last weekend, we stopped by the lake to take some photos. (Insert gratuitous scenery shots here)

There were tons of cute little pinecones on the ground and I collected a few to take home. I took some quick shots of them that afternoon but was tired from the long drive and decided to spend some time to take more photos later. Here are a couple of those first shots.

Yesterday, I decided to give it a go again. The light was better the first time around, but I was really surprised when I saw this:

I thought I had three different cones, but I really only had two! That second one had opened up in the past two days and now looked just like the first and third one. Funny! I thought someone was playing a joke on me for a minute and switched it. Here are a couple more shots from my weekend.

So pretty! I had a great time up in the mountains, but now I have a cold so I'm spending my leap day on the couch under a blanket. How are you spending this bonus day?


  1. That's crazy, I never really thought about pine cones changing shape/opening... but of course they must! Hope you'll feel better soon - colds are miserable.



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