Easy Polkadot Manicure

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dotty Nail Wraps

I came across these Sally Hansen Nail Effects Strips on sale at Walgreens last week and decided to give them a try. And guess what? I'm really impressed!

I did them on Friday night and here we are on Wednesday and they're still looking great! The application was a little involved, though. You have to first prep your nails to ensure good sticking action. Then you align each strip to the edge of your cuticle, and carefully stretch the rest of the strip to fit the nail. I pulled too hard on the first one and ripped it, so be gentle! File off the excess and make sure the edges are really stuck down with the little wooden stick provided in the box. The package comes with 16 strips (strange number if you ask me) but I got all of my nails covered using only 8. Just cut the unused ends off of your strips to use on your other nails. :)
Dotty Nail Wraps

I topped everything off with two coats of clear nail polish and it seemed to help everything stay put. I'm not easy on my nails by any means, so I'm very happy with how well they have held up over the past few days. Overall, it's a fairly easy (and cheap!) way to get a cute custom-looking manicure.

The pattern I used is called On the Dot. I couldn't find it on Amazon, but they carry lots of other colors and patterns. I'm sure your local drug store has them, too. 



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