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Friday, July 12, 2013

Hand Carved Nelson Clock Stamps
The other night I was feeling the need to make something, but I wasn't feeling the creative buzz. Like, at all. In times like that it always helps to just start DOING and then the ideas will start flowing. So I sat down with a brand new block of Moo Carve and my Speedball carving tool.

Hand Carved Nelson Clock Stamps
Looking around my apartment for inspiration, I spied my George Nelson-style ball clock and thought it would make a great stamp! So I got to carving (check out my DIY stamp carving project post for detailed instructions). And what do you know, after I finished the first stamp I was inspired to make a few more. So long, creative slump!

Hand Carved Nelson Clock Stamps Hand Carved Nelson Clock Stamps
With my new collection of George Nelson-style clock stamps, I decided to make some cool party invitations. I stamped them up in bright colors on blank cardstock. Then added the perfect sentiment, "Time to Party!" to the inside with a spot for the place and time. I accented the inside with another hand-carved star stamp.

Hand Carved Nelson Clock Stamps Hand Carved Nelson Clock Stamps
Perfect for a retro-themed summer soiree and so much fun to make. This was my first time using a Moo Carve block and I enjoyed it. It's got a nice weight to it and doesn't crumble. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Hand Carved Nelson Clock Stamps

And what a coincidence, Retro Renovation is featuring vintage clocks today! Take a look at their gallery for some clock inspiration of your own. I may have to pull out my supplies and carve a few more to my collection. Have a wonderful weekend!

*Project and photos by Casey/Vitamini Handmade. All opinions my own.
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  1. I have been wanting to try carving stamps for a while. I'll need to get some supplies after seeing your two posts. Theresa @ DearCreatives

    1. I really enjoy it! I hope you will, too. :)



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