Pics from my weekend.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Downtown Santa Cruz The California central coast was blessed with some lovely spring-like weather over the weekend and it felt so great to get outside. I took a morning trip to Santa Cruz yesterday and spent a couple of hours with my sister and brother in-law just walking around, looking at plants and trying to identify them, admiring historic homes, and enjoying the day. Here are a few of my favorite photos from our walk.

Above: Nice rock garden composition with California Poppy, Dusty Miller, Aeoniums, and a great grouping of Echeveria-like succulents. There's even one growing in the craggy boulder!

Downtown Santa Cruz

Great purple glass headlamps on this old Ford truck.

Downtown Santa Cruz
I love this big antique sign. Frogs in suits and top hats are always cool, if you ask me!

Downtown Santa Cruz
This street sign made me laugh and reminded me of Little Shop of Horrors.

Downtown Santa Cruz
Everywhere we went there were magnolias blooming! This white one had spectacular flowers and the sky above it was so deep blue.

Downtown Santa Cruz
Speaking of deep blue, this cool pressed tin sliding door and window moulding. Cool contrast of colors and materials on this building.

Downtown Santa Cruz
Very nice Leucospermum (cordifolium?) accented by reddish/brown boulders.
  Downtown Santa Cruz

Quite an intimidating cactus! This one was probably 8'-10' tall!
All photos are my own, taken with my iPhone 4. 

Happy Monday!


  1. That does it... I need to move to a sunnier clime! Green with envy over here in the drab northeast. Beautiful photos, Casey!

    1. We're lucky in that we don't really have winter. Just a few weeks of rain here and there and 50 degree days. A couple warm days here and there and all of a sudden everything is blooming!

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