Painting is painful.

Monday, February 18, 2013

I try to keep things on the positive side here on the blog, but seriously, painting hurts. Muscles I never knew I had have not only made themselves known, but they're also demanding Advil. I spent most of this last weekend painting my living room. I shared photos of my chips and samples here, but ended up choosing something a little lighter than my first choice, Behr Gold Coast White, which started looking really yellow after I painted a sample in the corner. So I went with Cancun Sand instead and I'm really happy with it so far. I have one wall left to paint, but the room is already so much lighter and brigher. I feel like I don't even have to turn as many lamps on at night as before.

Behr Cancun Sand

I just need to power through the pain(t) for another night or so until it's done. Then I'll enjoy the product of all my hard work and make a note to myself to only take on a painting project when I need to punish myself for something. :) Thankfully, I did get a chance to get outdoors on Sunday to enjoy the sunshine and commune with nature before I got back to work. Here are a couple of photos from my walk around town. Can you tell I'm having fun playing with the Afterglow app?

Nature pics Nature pics

And, if you've noticed, I've got a shiny new url for the blog. It's just now! Links should automatically update from my previous address, but if you find they aren't working, make sure to update your bookmark with the new address.

Happy President's Day!



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