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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A few things that have been keeping me busy lately:

1. My 3 year-old niece is a Mini Cooper fan in the making! She went to the Tiny Car Show in Pacific Grove a couple weeks ago with her mom (one of my sisters) and told me all about all of the Minis she saw. She said she even saw a yellow one just like mine. :)
2. I got a vintage aluminum Christmas tree and color wheel! And now I'm counting down the days till I can set it up in my front window.
3. New fabric prints and colors designed by me and printed by Spoonflower. I'll be listing them in the shop this week, even though I want to keep them all.
4. New old stock script address number. I love this font.
5. Pretty carnival rides at the Monterey Fair Grounds this past Saturday. I was there at a music festival to see...
6. Mumford & Sons! It was a wonderful show and I'm still humming all of the songs. I just discovered this nice video on Youtube of M&S playing on of my favorites, "Winter Winds". Six other bands played, too, so I've got some new songs on rotation on my iphone.

Have a great week!


  1. Really? Your niece is already a Mini fan? How nice! I’m afraid she’ll want her own Mini once she’s old enough to drive. Haha! Mini coopers have always been a favorite, regardless of cultural differences. Yes, we go as deep as that. You know, there is that one particular model you’ll find prevalent in one place. But Minis? I think you can find them almost everywhere. ;)

  2. Well, if I get to spend a lot of time with you, I would probably become a Mini Cooper fan as well! Haha! It’s really nice to see those MC stuff you have there. When I look at it, it seems that you almost have everything that has a Mini Cooper design on it. Haha! Go, girl! :D



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