Fall oak leaf wreath.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Craft Projects

I've been seeing lots of really cool yarn and felt wreaths all over the internet lately and decided to make one myself for Fall. I made this one last year right before Christmas and loved the way it turned out. So I took a trip to the craft store to buy my supplies. All I needed was yarn, embroidery thread, felt, and a wreath form. I really like alternative seasonal colors, so instead of reaching for the more typical yellow and orange I found this dusty purple yarn and thought it would look great with olive green, blues, yellows and grays.

I really like the balance of the mellow gray and green and the bright blue and mustard yellow. My first step was to wrap the wreath. I used a styrofoam form and took my time wrapping with the yarn until the entire form was covered. It took me just about an entire episode of Project Runway to finish it! Now, on to the fun part!

I settled on an oak leaf theme and got to work hand-cutting the oak leaf shapes from the felt. I cut all of the leaves free-hand and I thought it was fitting since no two leaves in nature are exactly the same! I cut out some large leaves and smaller leaves in contrasting colors so I can layer them and stitch them together. I separated out two strands of embroidery floss of and did simple backstitch where the leaf veins would be. I used embroidery floss with some contrast on the leaves, so the stitching would pop.

I cut and sewed leaves in every different color combination I could think of and kept a few singles. I also did a few with a reverse vein pattern. So all that was left was deciding on a layout and gluing everything down with a low-temp glue gun. I tied it off with two layers of ribbon and it's complete!

This festive little fella is now living on my front door. Happy Fall, everyone!


  1. What a lovely wreath will try this myself thank you x

  2. Love this project-- so perfectly fall!

  3. Casey, thanks for the inspiration!
    i have made (a simpler version of) your wreath for our door this Fall and i am so content with myself i cannot describe!! A pity I cannot attach a photo here... Froso-Greece

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