Cool Clocks.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My faithful kitchen clock died last week. It was nothing particularly special, just a nondescript clock that I got from Target about 5 years ago. After replacing what I thought was a dead battery twice and still getting a perpetually wrong reading, I realized that its time-telling days were over. On my hunt for a new clock, I immediately thought of my dream timepiece: the George Nelson ball clock. 

Designed in 1948, it is a major classic that I hope to own some day. Unfortunately its it is a designer piece with a matching price tag, so I'll be saving my pennies until I can afford one of those bad boys. To occupy my kitchen wall in the meantime, I've decided to make something similar myself! Ok, so that's one more item on my to-do list...Who knows when I will get around to that project (I still have my foot stool to reupholster and my retro side table to refinish) so in the meantime, here are a few of my favorite choices from Etsy!

Vintage Retro Green Wall Clock by christolphe
Burnt Orange Recycled Bike Clock by 1byliz
Wood Panel - Wildflowers by decoylab
Small Doily Clock from andfurthermore
Vintage Russian Alarm Clock from ClockworkUniverse
Green Splat Bamboo Wall Clock from pilotdesign
I would love to have any one of these beauties in my home. And I'll keep you posted on when I finally get around to my own clock project.


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